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RJE Custom Builders is committed to quality craftsmanship, professional performance and exceptional customer service.  We offer an array of design, building, renovation and maintenance services.  With thirty-seven years professional experience in Interior Alaska construction we can offer the highest standards in the business. 

RJE offers its clients extraordinary wood craftsmanship.  Custom design crown molding, custom cabinetry and closets, or  uniquely designed home media spaces can be produced with the client's vision incorporated into a project.

Whether it be home or business, renovation or new construction, maintenance or repair, RJE is your source.

To contact us:

RJE Custom Builders

       Post Office Box 58301
       Fairbanks, Alaska   99711

  Office & Shop -

      1211 Nordale Road
      North Pole, Alaska   99705

  (907) 488-9038  Phone
  (907) 488-9158   FAX
  (907) 388-8533   Mobile                                              
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