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Unique Greenhouses
RJE Custom Builders offers the Interior Alaska gardener a unique and charming greenhouse design and structure.  We can help you with a custom designed greenhouse to meet all your gardening needs. Our greenhouses are made to withstand Interior Alaska weather challenges and offer the gardener a highly functional workspace.

Our greenhouses are whimsical, interesting and functional-
  • Custom Potting Tables
  • Custom Cabinets & Wall Mounts
  • Expansive Windows
  • Custom Colors and Sizes
  • Custom Floor-Plan Designs
  • Rainwater Collection Systems

Let us work with you on adding a unique and highly functional greenhouse to your home environment.  Our greenhouses can be designed to blend beautifully into your current home landscape or we can work with you to design a unique landscape project.

RJE custom greenhouses are a perfect gift for the Alaska gardener in your life!

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